Marquette celebrating July 4th responsibly

MARQUETTE — One of the most popular destinations on a warm 4th of July is the beach. The beaches in the Marquette area are definitely no exception

McCarty’s cove in Marquette welcomes hundreds of people on the 4th every year.

“The 4th of July is always the best in Marquette,” said Adrian Lucas, one of the locals. “We all come to McCarty’s Cove, we all have a good time, everyone is social, and it’s great.”

With many visitors also raises the concern of pollution. This year, however, the people have been respectful.

“A lot of the community members and college students this year brought their own trash bins and trash bags down [to the beach],” said Shea Kinder, lifeguard at McCarty’s Cove. “We’ve been adamant about doing that throughout the day. They’ve been taking it to our trash receptacles that we placed, and they’ve been really respectful this year. It’s been very nice to see.”

Everyone is encouraged to enjoy the beach, but the lifeguards remind everyone to be respectful.