Hiawatha Music Festival tickets and new events coming to Marquette

MARQUETTE — Hiawatha Music Co-Op is now selling tickets for the Hiawatha Music Festival that will be happening this July.

It is the 41st Annual Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival that will be having a few new things offered to festival goers. One of these new activities will be geared towards kids and getting their hands on some instruments to start learning about folk music.

“Our neighbors the Yooptone Music business and they will be bringing a bunch of instruments for the kids to sit down and play,” explained Susan Divine, Executive Director at Hiawatha Music Co-Op. “They will get to know what it feels like to strum a ukulele and what a banjo feels like to play. It is really going to be exciting for the kids to have that opportunity.”

Not only will they get to play these instruments but they will also get a chance to learn more about folk music in general. Young children from the ages of 4-14 will also be required to take a bike test.

This is due to the amount of bikes that come to the festival and it can be dangerous for some of the little ones. So instead of banning bikes, the Hiawatha group will be setting up classes for these young individuals to take a test to ride at the festival.

“Well sometimes some dangerous situations that can happen,” said Susan. “So we are going to do a bike safety orientation. We are doing three sessions and any child that is riding a bike from ages 4-14 will be required to go through the orientation. This is so that we keep everybody just a little bit safer out there during the weekend.”

Ticket sales can be done at either the Hiawatha Music Co-Op or online.

Tickets will cost:

(includes Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

  • Adults (18 and older): $70  May 28th – July 11th
  • Seniors (62 and older): $60
  • Teens (13 to 17):  $60  NOTE:  Adult must make purchase of teen tickets.  If you only order a Teen Ticket, your order will NOT be processed until we seek clarification on who ordered the ticket.
  • Children (6 to 12): $5

For more information you can click here.