Negaunee Waste Water Treatment Plant property will now be under new ownership

NEGAUNEE — The City of Negaunee has sold the former Negaunee Waste Water Treatment Plant and will now be under new ownership.

An auction was held for the property on April 25, 2019, at the Negaunee City Hall where it was sold to Mr. Pete O’Dovero. He was the only bidder at the auction and received the property for the minimum bid of $30 thousand dollars.

The money that the city gained through this transaction will also be used for future sewer costs and projects for the City of Negaunee.

“We are keeping that money actually in the sewer department itself,” explained Nate Heffron, Negaunee City Manager. “That money will go into the Capital improvement fund for our sewer system throughout the city. So basically we sold a sewer asset to keep those monies in that department for future projects that we are going to do here.”

The plant was decommissioned in 2014 when the city began using the Ishpeming Area Joint Waste Water Treatment Facility, according to the city’s 2016 master plan. There is still no clear idea of what the new owner has planned for the property.