MARQUETTE — Painting and dying eggs for Easter are always part of the festivities, but they don’t last forever.

Hot Plate in downtown Marquette has pottery that people can paint for Easter.

It’s a way for families to come together and create arts and crafts that are bound to last…

“It’s nice because it’s a lot more durable than painting hard boiled eggs, you can’t really keep those from year–to–year. So these ones are things you can make together with your family” said Hot Plate’s owner, Melissa Sprouse. “It’s definitely an experience you can have and a nice tradition, you can come in every year and paint an egg and by the time a kid is older, they have eggs that they can take with them”

Some of the things that people can paint are eggs, bunnies, and crosses.

There are also things for the Jewish holiday, Passover that people can paint.