Diocese of Marquette responds to Notre Dame Cathedral fire

MARQUETTE –Hundreds watched as the historic Notre Dame Cathedral became engulfed in flames.

The Cathedral caught on fire Monday April 15th, during a $6.8 million dollar project.

The Cathedral is a major religious symbol to Catholics all over the world.

Samuel Holmberg, Dioceses Director of Sacred Music says he was shocked when he first saw the video.

“For Catholics around the world it really is a significant loss. It’s such a renowned and beautiful landmark. For Catholics in France especially they are without their beautiful and beloved cathedral. It is an exceptional loss,” said Samuel Holmberg, Dioceses Director of Sacred Music.

Samuel visited Notre Dame back in 2012 on an Organ study trip.

“It’s an inspiring building, you walk in there and you truly feel the presence of God. Just like this beautiful Cathedral in Marquette. It’s a place of prayer and pilgrimage for Catholics around the world,” Holmberg added.

St. Peters Cathedral will be using a piece from an organist at Notre Dame, on Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday.

They want to remember the beautiful legacy Notre Dame has.