Holy Name Catholic School launches capital campaign for expansion of school

ESCANABA — Tuesday started the kick off for the capital campaign to re–open Holy Name High School in Escanaba.

Holy Name High School has been closed since 1971.

They are looking to do a 2 phase campaign with the first phase being a 6.5 million dollar campaign, to get the high school up and running.

Once they complete Phase 1, they will start building an addition onto the high school which will be phase 2.

After years of being closed, they believe the time is now to take the next step as they’ve seen much community support.

“The strength of the Elementary and Middle School has really lent itself to have this conversation. We feel it’s a blessing to do that, our enrollment is growing over the last 8 or 9 years. We are up 80 students, which is fantastic and we feel like we have the growth to support that in the High School and continue that,” Joseph Carlson, Principal of Holy Name.

If everything goes to plan, Holy Name High School will open their doors in the Fall of 2021.