MARQUETTE — A business in Marquette has officially changed its name after taking over the business and they have even added some new services to the shop.

The local shop that used to be Garden Bouquet and Design is now going to be called Northwood’s Flora. This establishment will still have similar services including floral arrangements and other products being sold.

Although, the local business is looking to expand its services in one area here in Marquette and its all about healing.

“One area that we are really looking to expand is in the healing services that we offer,” said Co-Owner Northwood’s Flora, Don Finwall. “That is the newest component of our business, and my sister is a Reiki practitioner and I offer sound bathes. This includes using singing bowls and tuning forks and that kind of thing. So offering an alternative approach to healing and relaxation is where we would like to take this.”

For more information about Northwood’s Floral you can click here.