KINGSFORD — Wednesday, the Kingsford Public Safety Department responded to a structure fire.

It happened at 430 Grant Street around 1:25 AM.

Officers observed flames coming through the roof of the complex.

Iron Mountain Fire Department was called to assist with the fire.

The fire was contained to the North West sector. The complex contained 12 individual apartments.

Officers were able to evacuate all residents of the apartment complex with the help of other local law enforcement agencies and neighbors from a near-by apartment complex.

Right now, it is undetermined if any of the residents will be able to re-establish occupancy in the apartment complex at this time.

One public safety officer was transported by Beacon Ambulance and treated at Dickinson County Hospital for smoke inhalation. They were treated and released.

Assisting public safety was Iron Mountain Fire Department, Iron Mountain Police Department, Michigan State Police, Beacon Ambulance, Kingsford Public Works Department, DTE, and WE Energies. Red Cross was also on scene assisting residents with placement.