MARQUETTE — A new restaurant in Marquette opens with a twist.

“Old meets New” is the idea behind the design of The Preserve, a new–unique restaurant in downtown Marquette.

After the Flying Moose closed, the new owners spent about 4 months renovating the space to fit their vision and appeal to the night owls.

“All three of us owners grew up in Marquette and we’d go out pretty often and there was never a really good late night solution downtown. So, that was always just an area that we saw a need for and then this building came along” said Co-Owner, Devin Mahoney. “We were able to get in here still have beer and wine, and put our little flair on the place do some different touches and kind–of make a cool spot that also does late night catering too”

Kombucha, grilled cheese, deli items and wine are just a few of the things you can find on their menu.

The owners have other unique ideas in mind for the place and are excited to bring their flair to the downtown Marquette area.

To find out more information about The Preserve Marquette, visit their Facebook page here, or call them at 906-237-2170.