MARQUETTE — This Saturday night, The Archipelago Theater Company will be putting on a Shakespearean play known as King Lear.



The show is under the direction of a young student who decided to take the reins and follow her passion of theater. Elise Wixtrom is 17 teen years old and is directing the entire play.

She is developing it to be an interactive show, while also still making it enjoyable for others to experience the written word of the play as well. Her goal is to make the play suitable for all ages and bring a different style of telling a story to the stage.

“I wanted to bring Shakespeare in a different way to the Upper Peninsula,” said Director for King Lear, Elise Wixtrom. “Usually we have full productions or just readings, so I wanted to do something in between. So people can get a feel for the play but not have to go spend a lot of money and watch a big long production.”

“You know people from the audience are actually going to be called up on to the stage to be a part of the show,” said Playing as King Lear, B.G. Bradley. “So we are going to have some really experienced actors up there and some quite inexperienced actors up there as well. Also even some people in between skills, so I think it will be a really exciting evening of theater.”

The production of King Lear will only be performed once, so make sure you get out and support the local arts this Saturday evening in Marquette.


This event will be held at the Marquette High School on September 22nd at 6 pm.