MARQUETTE — Thursday marks a special day for all Yoopers – it’s September 6th, otherwise known as 906 Day!

The day was first started in Marquette back in 2012 on a whim, when the owner of Upper Peninsula Supply Company noticed that the date looked oddly familiar.

To this day, it’s been a great way for local businesses to promote their own stock and merchandise, but Bugsy says it’s done much more than that, it has been another outlet for residents of the UP to let their Yooper pride shine.

“We joke around, ‘Well, when was the last time you had a pasty – it’s a good time today,’” said Upper Peninsula Supply Company owner, Bugsy Sailor. “Maybe you need to clean out your tackle box, or play a game of cribbage, and buy some U.P. brews on your way home from work or something.”

Another exciting way to showcase your spirit is by joining in on ‘Plaidurday’ which is a state–wide day held on October 5th of this year.