Republican candidate running for Attorney General

MARQUETTE — The only Republican candidate running for Attorney General made a stop at Marquette’s Landmark Inn for a social visit with members of the community.

The candidate is the current speaker for the House of Representatives in Michigan and is looking for ways to improve the lives of its citizens. In the last 18 months candidate Tom Leonard has worked to get rid of driver responsibility fees and lower the auto insure rates in Michigan.

Tom Leonard believes he is the best candidate for the job due to his background within the field.

“I was a prosecutor for 3 years in one of the country’s most dangerous cities known as flint,” said Republican Speaker of House for MI, Tom Leonard. “I was an Assistant Attorney General for the state of Michigan; there is nothing more important than protecting our people and keeping them safe. So we are here in the Upper Peninsula bringing that message to them. We are not going to leave any stone un-turned; I am honored and proud to be here.”

The vote for the next Attorney General will be on November 6th, 2018.