CHOCOLAY — As Blueberry weekend comes to Marquette County, some locals and visitors are joining to have a little fun, while helping to fund a local cause.



Northern Michigan University staff, alumni and more gathered at the NMU golf course to play in the 8th Blueberry classic. It’s less of a golf tournament than most; the event is all about games, fun, and helping an important cause. The funds raised go to the NMU Student Flexible Aid Fund.

“The fund is set up to address emergency needs the students have; they get towards the end of their career and something might happen like a car repair or child care, or an emergency medical need,” said Mary Crampton, NMU Foundation Development Officer. “Those are things that aren’t covered by traditional financial aid, so this fund will help to cover some of those things.”

“Sometimes $20, $50 in the student’s pockets can make all the difference in them staying in school or not,” said NMU President Fritz Erickson. “So we’re just so appreciative of everyone coming out and supporting this effort.”

The Blueberry Classic has raised over $130,000 so far for the flexible aid fund.

For more information on this fund, click here.