The preference point system for bear tags

MARQUETTE — Some hunters may not have received their own bear tags for the 2018 bear hunting season. Although the Department of Natural Resources want hunters to know that they will possibly have a better chance next year if you keep collecting preference points.

Preference points are received after purchasing a chance to try and get a bear tag, but in the end not receiving the tag for that season. This can be beneficial to someone who consistently buys a chance at tags every year.

This system allows all hunters a fair chance at receiving a tag. The DNR know that some may be upset by not receiving a tag during some seasons. But they need the public to understand that the preservation of bears in Michigan is important for the ecosystem.

“Bears are not nearly as prolific as some of our other game species,” said DNR Wildlife Biologist, Kevin Swanson. “So we have to be more cautious in the way that we manage them.”

The results for 2018 were submitted on June 25th but hunters will be permitted to apply again next May. Purchasing a chance at a tag starts May 1st and goes until June 1st.

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