IRON MOUNTAIN — A new establishment in Iron Mountain has been keeping to themselves and it’s a theme that goes with their business.

The Blind Pig 906 is a modern day speakeasy located in the Upper Peninsula. The establishment is built in a bar that was around during the 1920’s and is now being revived in the 21st century. The theme is pulling back from the roots of the U.P. during the prohibition era.

The owner never thought she would be running her own business especially a speakeasy styled bar, but she is ready to make it her own and bring a little history of U.P. Prohibition to her customers.

“During Prohibition they called bars things like, the blind pigs or the blind tigers,” said The Blind Pig 906 Owner, Brittany Linsmeyer. “They would have a fee at the entrance to get in to see a Greenland pig where they would charge you an entrance fee and would give you a complimentary gin or whiskey drink as a way to kind of bypass prohibition laws. So we went with The Blind Pig because of the speakeasy feel and the history.”
The Blind Pig 906 has two entrances with only an image of their logo which allows the business to give customers and ominous feel.

After finding the establishment the only way in is to go into a basement. This pushes the concept of a speakeasy back during the prohibition era even more as you venture back into the history of that era.

“Other than the fact that we are underground,” said Linsmeyer. “We don’t have any street signs that say ‘The Blind Pig’ outside, so if you don’t know that you are looking for our giant pig with the blindfold then you will probably not find us. It is also mostly a back alley entrance so it has that speakeasy feel when you walk in the door. A lot of people the first week we were open made the comment that they were scared when they walked in. Then they came around the corner and were like whoa I didn’t expect to see this huge bar underground.”

This establishment is trying to change that scene and do something different in Iron Mountain.

“All the bars around here are all the same thing,” said The Blind Pig 906 Bar Manager, Marc McKee. “When she told me her ideas and that it was going to be something different I was 100% in. It’s just nice to do something different; you know everyone around here gets sick of the same thing week after week. So everything we do is just different from anybody else.”

So if you are looking for a chance to jump back in time to the prohibition era with a little bit of a modern touch then The Blind Pig 906 may be the place for you.