MARQUETTE — When cities develop, they risk replacing some of their area’s natural beauty. The city of Marquette is looking to sell five parcels of land for development.



Parcel 35, one of the most sought after, lies right in the heart of the Noquemanon South Trails. If sold to the wrong group, it could mean the end for one of the U.P.’s most iconic single track bike trails. To prevent the loss of the trails, the city has imposed a request for qualification, which will help give the land to someone who will help maintain the trails.

“We are motivated to make sure they are successful as well,” said Marquette City Manager Mike Angeli. “We hope to have the least negative impact possible. The businesses around here depend a lot on the trailriders, and the community depends on the trailriders.”

Asking price for the 20 acre parcel is $153,000. The NTN has asked to be considered as a possible buyer.