Local officials working to make dangerous intersection safer

ISHPEMING — It’s One of the busiest intersections in Ishpeming, but also one of the most accident prone.

Since January 1st of 2018 there have been 13 accidents involving 23 vehicles.

“All of our laws that we make up are designed that if everybody obeyed the laws there would be no accidents,” said Steven Snowaert, Chief of Police Ishpeming.

Safety is the city’s number one priority. They are always trying to make intersections as safe as possible.

MDOT has a 45,000 dollar project that will have a significant impact on the traffic.

“What were going to do is, provide new reflective back plates for the existing signal. That will make them more visible. There is going to be a left turn lane added with a left turn arrow. We’re also going to add another set of signal head of lights,” said Dan Weingarten, Communications Representative for MDOT in the U.P.

Thousands of vehicles travel this road everyday. Most of these accidents that happen on this intersection are driver error.

“90 plus percent of all traffic crashes are caused by driver error and we cant stress it enough. The drivers ultimately the person who is responsible for safety on the roadway. So please slow down, pay attention to traffic signals and make it home safely,” added Weingarten.

It looks like a round about would significantly improve the intersection of Lakeshore Blvd. and US–41.

MDOT is working with the state to hopefully get around about there by 2023.