MARQUETTE, ESCANABA — Today is a perfect day to begin the new month. The first Friday in June is set aside to celebrate something that plenty of Americans can enjoy.

Today is National Donut Day. It’s a great excuse to skip the same old breakfast routine and enjoy something a little sweeter. For Huron Mountain Bakery and Donut Connection, it’s all hands on deck. Hundreds, maybe thousands of donuts will be sold today at both shops, which rarely see days busier than today.

“Friday is our busiest day of the week, and it’s like we have two Fridays in one, so we sell a lot,” said Donut Connection Owner Terri Skradski. “It’s our second–biggest day compared to paczki day.”

“We triple our donut production, so we did more than we normally do to run a full day, and it’s 9:00 and we’re already out of donuts,” said Joe Heck, Cakeroom manager at Huron Mountain Bakery.

There aren’t many places in the Upper Peninsula that make their donuts from scratch. Both shops strive to satisfy their many customers.

“They work their butts off, from Clayton who runs the donut maker to the fresh–dropped cake donuts, it definitely takes a skill,” said Heck.

“It makes us proud, it really does,” said Skradski. “We have so many customers that haven’t had a donut like ours…it’s a big compliment and it makes us proud.”

That hard work isn’t taken for granted by the customers or the employees.

“It’s just so much fun, seeing everyone come in. they bring them to work for their coworkers, or to school for their students. It’s just lined up out the door. It’s crazy busy, and it’s a lot of fun,” said Skradski.

“It makes people smile – makes people happy – to kind of lose the everyday stuff once in a while and sit and eat a donut,” said Heck.

So, if you have a chance, stop in anywhere you can and enjoy one of the country’s favorite pastries.