DELTA COUNTY — A program that is helping Delta County schools and other communities stay safer by allowing others to speak up anonymously.

OK2SAY is a program that allows students and adults to send an anonymous tip about a possible threat involving schools or possible self harm.This app has been used effectively at the Escanaba schools where threats were made towards the school and its students. The authorities took the information and applied their resources appropriately to make sure the students and faculty were safe.

This program has been being introduced to schools throughout Michigan in the hopes that they can reduce the risk of crime and or suicide. This app is giving power to people who can take that step to notify the authorities of possible threats without feeling pressured into doing it in person. Not being able to provide knowledge of threats anonymously tends to be a reoccurring issue with these school attacks.

“The U.S. Secret Service a few years ago did a study that shows that in these school threats 81% of those threats somebody knew that something was going to happen, or that person had talked about it and they did nothing about it,” said, Community Service Trooper of Gladstone Post, Dale Hongisto. “This is because it wasn’t anonymous and they didn’t want to get involved. Now the OK2SAY app allows you to be anonymous and allows thwarting of possible school shootings. Obviously that’s what we are hearing nowadays in the United States unfortunately.”

Not only are threats to schools now becoming more common in the nation but some don’t realize that it can happen anywhere. OK2SAY encourages Michigan residents to confidentially submit tips 24/7 using the mobile app, website, or even texting and calling trained professionals when there is a possible threat.

For more information on the OK2SAY click here.