ESCANABA —¬†Citizens in Delta County have filed petitions in Delta County Probate Court to recall three Fairbanks Township board members and one Garden Township board member.
As of today, the court has now approved language on all four petitions.

The officials will be facing recall petitions for alleged conflicts of interest related to Heritage Sustainable Energy Company and the potential expansion of the Heritage Wind Farm. Two of the petitions, for Garden Township Supervisor Morgan Tatrow and Fairbanks Township Clerk Kathryn Denholm, were approved during a previous hearing.

The other two petitions involving Fairbanks Township Supervisor Ronald Collins and Township Trustee James Dalgord were denied at that hearing and re-scheduled for another clarity hearing.
At today’s clarity hearing, Delta County Election Commission members approved of both recall petitions that involved Collins and Dalgord.

Collins gave ABC TEN the following statement…

“No member of our board did anything illegal, or made a decision that they did not believe was in the best interest of the township,” said,¬†Fairbanks Township Supervisor, Ronald Collins. “I find it very disturbing that an individual can make these petty accusations and force the county and township to spend tax-payer dollars to advance their own personal agenda and ambitions.”

The Township Officials have up to Ten days to appeal the petition.