Spring grant ceremony awarded organizations in community

ISHPEMING —¬†Eleven Organizations within Marquette County were awarded grants to help support their organizations for health and wellness initiatives.

The Western Marquette County Health Foundation (WMCHF) hosted a grant ceremony Tuesday at the WMCHF office. They funded $29,213 in total for local organizations to apply for a chance to receive a grant that will fund a health and wellness objective within in the community. These grants are decided through the applications and are graded by the board members of the WMCHF to see if they meet all the requirements within the grant rubric.

Although the grants are focused at the west-end of the county anyone in the Marquette county is allowed to apply to have a chance at receiving a grant as long as it is for health and wellness.

“It is a very difficult thing when you have to sit down and grade 24 different applications,” said, President of Western Marquette County Health Foundation, Tom Edmark. “You’d like to give something to everyone but it just can’t work out. We just don’t have enough money, or we don’t allow as much money as we probably are going to in the future. So all of the 11 grant recipients very well deserved and the money is going to go for health and wellness related initiatives for each of those groups and we are very happy to help out.”

These grant ceremonies happen twice a year and if you do not receive a grant first time around you can always apply during the next grant cycle.

For more information about the grants click here.