MUNISING — A presentation about human trafficking in the United States was held at the Alger Parks and Recreation this Wednesday afternoon, where the public learned more about the dangers of this criminal activity and how close it hits home for Michigan.

Human trafficking is a big issue in the United States, specifically on the eastern side of the country. Michigan alone is ranked at 6th in the nation for this crime being committed. Human trafficking includes many different illegal activities such as prostitution or forced labor.

Sex and Labor Trafficking usually involve young children, females, immigrants and sometimes even male victims who have their basic human rights stripped by their perpetrator. This criminal activity can only be stopped through communication and being involved through the community.

“Well it’s important for everybody to be involved because every life is worth fighting for,” said, Presentation Speaker, Lindsey Slifka. “And if any county finds somebody they can save, that’s being trafficked, and their life is worth it.”

Some of the signs too look out for with human trafficking is branding, poor physical and dental health, long work hours at night, lack of identification and avoiding social interaction.

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