MARQUETTE — A training session on how to start a fine arts program for Alzheimer’s patients was hosted at the Northern Michigan University’s School of Art and Design on Thursday Morning. Where people got some insight on how art helps Alzheimer patients with the disease.

The event helped the people who were able to sign up and attend the training session by understanding the disease and looking at methods in ways that art can help patients.

This allows the patients to bring some of their memories back and to help keep their minds sharp and active. Art is a positive way to help the family members and patients cope while going through this sickness.

“People ask, ‘why you do it if they don’t remember?'” said, Executive Arts Director for the Cognitive Dynamics Foundation, Angel Duncan. “It’s because they were in that moment and you are capturing really important pieces in that moment that carry over. So these memories do come back and it does help kind of create this nice relationship. So it’s no longer caregiver spouse, you know its husband and wife, daughter mother, or son and father.

This training helps allow families to have more of a relationship with their loved ones and be able to converse about past events and memories through art.