MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — Two lost hikers were found in good health on Monday after getting lost on a Marquette County trail.

At approximately 2:52 p.m., Marquette County Sheriff’s deputies, along with the Search and Rescue team, were called to the Harlow Lake area for two lost hikers. Two Northern Michigan University students, 19 year-old Skye Jarskewy and 18 year-old Amanda Waniolek, went hiking on a trail just south of Harlow Lake.

The two lost sight of the trail due to deep snow cover and became lost. They realized that they needed assistance and called 911.

Central Dispatch was able to obtain GPS coordinated from the 911 call and relayed that information to the responding officers. Search and Rescue personnel used ATVs to drive within 600 feet of the GPS coordinates and located the two students.

Both were found in good health. They were transported back to their vehicle.