Man found in serious condition after vehicle got stuck in snow

FORSYTH TOWNSHIP — A man was found in serious medical condition Sunday morning after his truck got stuck in the snow overnight in Forsyth Township.

At 8:00 a.m., Forsyth Township Police were dispatched to Martin Lake Road, where it passes close to Crusader Avenue, on the report of a stuck vehicle in the road. The driver was also reportedly in serious medical condition.

Investigators say that the driver of the pickup got his vehicle stuck on something sometime during the night. In the morning, a friend went out looking for him and discovered the truck stuck in the snow. The friend then followed the driver’s footprints through the snow, into the woods and found the man. The friend dialed 911.

Forsyth Township Police tracked the footprints to the victim and the victim’s friend, then heard the friend yelling for help. Due to the amount of snow, they were unable to walk the victim out of the woods. They then built a fire to wait for more help to arrive.

A member of the Forsyth Township Fire Department heard the call, proceeded to the area and followed the tracks to the victim. A Forsyth Township EMT had also walked to the scene with a sled and the group was able to get the victim to an area where Valley Med Helicopter was able to extract the victim and fly him to UPHS – Marquette.

The Marquette County Sheriff’s Office also assisted at the scene.

Martin Lake Road is unplowed this time of year and it is unknown how long the victim was in the woods overnight.