Photo Courtesy of Jason Asselin - News & Video

MARQUETTE — It’s time for one last hurrah on the snowmobile before the spring hits. Marquette Mountain will be packed this weekend.

The Masters racing Circuit is holding their Snow Drag Championships at Marquette Mountain on Saturday. Events will feature drag racing, hill climbing, and for the second year in a row, a kids race. With the potential of a modern snowmobile, the races could be very unpredictable at the mountain.

“So you never know what’s going to happen when they’re hitting 100 miles per hour on a ski hill,” said Skip Schulz, President of the MASTERS Racing Circuit.

“It’s a family fun time as well, you know. A lot of guys bring their families with them, we do intermission, we do barbecues on the race trailers, and it’s a good time,” said racer Paul Voelker.

The event is open for anyone to participate, and a big turnout is expected. Racers will go through obstacles, jumps, and the extreme cold.