MSP safety initiative proves successful

MARQUETTE — It has been one month since Smart911 has been launched in the Upper Peninsula.

So far smart 911 has saved many peoples lives.

Smart911 is a free program that anyone can sign up for. All you have to do is go to and fill out a safety profile questionnaire. You can also provide any special instructions that can help save your life.

“You can add pictures of your house, if you have special instructions on how to get into your house, if you have a medical condition you can add all that information. If you have pets how many or where your bedrooms are located or you can put a floor plan in,” said Gary Johnson, City Manager of Smart911.

Having this extra information can allow the police dispatcher to get you the appropriate help you need in the an case of an emergency. Most 911 phone calls in this day in age are made from cells phones.

“We depend on cellular phones and your address is not provided to us when you dial 911 from a wireless phone. With this additional information, it can make it much easier for us to find you,” added Gary Johnson.

The Michigan state police encourages everyone in the community and throughout the U.P. to sign up. It is available at all 911 centers.

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