MARQUETTE — With spring approaching, more and more people will find themselves getting ready to hit the water for some fishing. Anglers can now be more prepared with the 2018 fishing guide for the state of Michigan.

The Department of Natural Resources has released the newest edition of their fishing guide. It’s a way to familiarize yourself with fishing rules, regulations, and tips before getting your new license on April 1st.

“The fishing guide is a wealth of information, there’s all kinds of stuff in there from not only regulations on fishing, but also things to help identify fish species, things about safe fish consumption guidelines, there’s all sorts of information that you can learn by glancing through the fishing guide,” said John Pepin, deputy public information officer for the Department of Natural Resources.

The newest edition includes some major regulations changes, which appear in red throughout the guide. Some of those guidelines include harvest season for Muskies, fishing and harvesting tags, and more.

Guides are available at the DNR office or on their website.