MARQUETTE — Today, Cleveland–Cliffs Chief Executive Officer Lourenco Goncalves spoke today on the progress the business has made since he took over three years ago. Many topics were discussed, including adding an operation in Michigan or Minnesota. Goncalves showed all signs of wanting to operate in the Mitten State.

“Even though it costs more money to build in Michigan, it would be faster,” he said. “If Michigan demonstrates that they have a unified resolve behind cliffs growing, mining here, we’ll be here. I don’t feel like I have that type of support in Minnesota. That’s a lot more important to me than just dollars.”

He also voiced concerns about the state of the union, in terms of its manufacturing status.

“We need to not only keep our ability to manufacture in the United States, but we also need to grow our capacity to manufacture in the United States. That can only be possible if we’re mining here,” said Goncalves.

Goncalves added that they are ahead of schedule for a hot briquetted iron production plant in Toledo, Ohio, set to begin work in 2020.