MARQUETTE — After over a hundred years, it might be necessary for a building to get renovations. In Marquette, the same goes for the Peter White Public Library.



The building that has been around since 1904 is getting some much needed renovations, inside and out. From the façade to a fully integrated technology meeting room, the ideas for renovations really snowballed.

“We have a rather large crack in the library façade, and really that’s what started everything off,” said Library Director Andrea Ingmire. “So we knew we had to repair that part of the building, and as we were talking about that, it’s kind of like, ‘Well if we’re going to put money into repairing the building, we should also try and make some changes that will benefit the library from an operational standpoint.’”

The renovations are estimated to exceed $4 million, and will also include renovations for popular library services.

“One of the great things we’re doing with this renovation is creating a programming room in Youth Services. So when our youth services department are holding the ongoing programs, they’ll have a space in youth services to hold that program,” siad Ingmire.

Contracting bids are expected to go out towards the end of next month, with the project scheduled to begin in April or May.