MARQUETTE — Recently, the Marquette City Commission has been looking for ways to fill the vacant commissioner seat left empty by newly elected state representative, Sara Cambensy.

At their meeting on November 13th, the city commission decided to begin accepting applications for appointment to the vacant seat, to carry out the remainder of Cambensy’s original term.

Many reasonings were heard from the public about who of the nine candidates was most qualified to inherit the unexpired term. One candidate, Tony Ghiringhelli, placed fourth in the recent election in November, and a few members of the public argued it should go to him.

However, on Monday night, 30 year–old Jenna Smith, who has volunteered with the Marquette Housing Commission, was elected to the seat.

“I don’t have any set goals; I really just want to be a voice for young families, for women in our community, and for working families – like myself,” said new city commissioner, Jenna Smith.

Smith is originally from the Marquette area – she graduated from Marquette Senior High in 2005, and later attended the University of Michigan, studying psychology and environment. She began serving on the board of commissioners this evening.