MARQUETTE — There are many kids who aren’t as fortunate as most, and that makes the holiday season tougher than it needs to be. Local law enforcement is working to change that.

The 9th annual Shop with a Cop is taking place this Saturday at the Wal–Mart in Marquette. Fifty lucky kids will have the chance to give their families a good Christmas.

“They will be transported by police, by Checker Transport, up to Wal–Mart, And they’ll get a nice police escort, lights, sirens, the whole nine yards. And because of local community donations, they are able to get a $100 gift card from Wal–Mart,” said Marquette Police Officer Craig Marker.

McDonald’s will also be supplying lunch for the kids.

The event is a great way to give families and their children a good start to the holiday season.

“A lot of these kids wouldn’t have the opportunity to buy their parents or siblings any gifts at all. This is the 9th year this has been going on, and each year it runs better and better and the kids have a great time,” said Marker.

Anyone can donate through the Marquette Police Department, or the Marquette County Department of Health and Human Services.