MARQUETTE COUNTY — Music programs are being cut, but here in the U.P. educators and musicians alike are able to keep the hills alive with the sound of music, by teaching.  Music can be enjoyable for all ages, but it is being cut from many schools nationwide due to lack of funding and allocations.

It is important to keep music education alive because of the benefits it can have on cognitive, emotional, and even physical development for young children and young adults.

“It helps with memory recall, recalling memory, short and long term. It helps with physical attributes and coordination. It helps with discipline and all areas of life. Music relates to so many things, ” said Nicklas Johnson, Director of Music for All Kids.

“We find that music helps them got out energy through dancing. It helps develop their gross motor skills. It helps with memory, language development, everything. So, we use it in a variety of ways learning music, teaching with music, and playing music,” stated Greta Hill, Assistant Director of Little Friends Children’s Center.

Music can especially help with math skills and even help in teaching history, and culture. Listening to music, whether it is during work time or in sleep, can be soothing and also aid development.

“Absolutely, absolutely we use rhythm; it’s a huge thing that helps them learn about math. Even just hearing the repetition helps with math skills. We count with the music. We have a lot of songs that include counting, which helps with a lot of the younger kids that we have,” added Hill.

“Music and math are so intertwined. If you learn a beat you learn about to count to four, one–two–three–four. You learn to subdivide that eventually and that’s fractions. It’s great for history because it teaches culture like timbales and hand drums teach African rhythms or Cuban rhythms,” shared Johnson.

It can also benefit them socially at any age or stage. Children and teens can learn sharing, patience, and discipline. It can also help them develop physical and spacial awareness through dance.

In all, music is vital in helping explore emotion, gaining physical attributes, and developing, in education.