CRYSTAL FALLS — Our twenties are for being fun and young, but it’s hard to enjoy this time when you are continuously sick, so one young woman is asking for help to relieve her pain.

Kaylee West is twenty–seven years old, and when most people her age would be spending time being carefree, she is in the hospital, or simply trying to forget the pain.

Kaylee has Type 1 Diabetes, Celiac’s Disease, cyclic vomiting syndrome, IBS and tachycardia syndrome. In other words, she is sick, and consistently visiting the hospital and travelling to doctors for treatment options is emotionally, physically, and monetarily draining.

“Well, when I got diabetes when I was sixteen it didn’t really affect me that bad, I mean, I was sick a lot but I was in denial. When once I hit my twenties that’s when everything else started happening, the cyclic vomiting, the Celiac’s and that, that was kind of hard but that becomes overwhelming and you feel singled out because you’re the only one of your friends who has it. You have to make all of these lifestyle changes, but now that I’m older it’s a lot easier to comprehend, ” said West.

Kaylee remains optimistic that there may be help out there somewhere, but in order to receive the help she needs she has to look to major hospitals such as John Hopkins or the Cleveland Clinic. Those types of facilities cost money which is why the United Lutheran Church and Crystal Falls community are hosting a bake sale fundraiser to help cover the expenses.

“Well we’ve been to Mayo Clinic twice and we also have an appointment at U of M and we’ve been there once and we’re going again, but we’re just kind of hoping for a different perspective from a different doctor or a different hospital or treatment facility. The cards are kind of up in the air right now as to where we are going but we’re just trying to raise money because it is expensive with all the medical costs and travelling expenses and stuff. I mean I feel optimistic for the most part. There’s days where it’s kind of overwhelming and you’re like ‘why even bother anymore’ but when I first got diabetes I would see a group of doctors for just one appointment I would see seven doctors in one day. Then from there they would refer us to other doctors and then we’d go to Mayo and saw a bunch of different doctors, so definitely probably in the hundreds,” she added.

The event will be November 11th at the United Lutheran Church in Crystal Falls from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. Any help is appreciated and if you cannot attend the event Kaylee also has a YouCaring campaign for donations.