MARQUETTE — For most people, the New Year is a chance to fulfill the resolution to lose all of that weight from the delicious Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. But now you can have a chance to keep that weigh off throughout the holiday season.

The YMCA of Marquette is hosting their brand new Holiday Challenge. If you don’t have that much time around the holidays to stay in shape, this is perfect for you.

“You know, with the Holidays coming up, there’s a lot of family dinners, buffets, cookies, and things like that, so we want to help you keep that extra holiday weight off, and help you maintain the progress that you made throughout the year,” said Christina Bennett, Healthy Living Director at the Marquette YMCA.

The best way to keep that weight off is by working out in quick succession, so there will be a lot of moving around. This is called Circuit training. There are many benefits to this style of workout.

“It can be geared towards each person’s fitness level, so there are modifications for each exercise. For example, box jumps, mountain climbers, squats, just a total body type of a workout,” said Brittany Richard, one of the YMCA’s personal trainers.

The event begins November 20th, and runs once a week on Monday evenings until January 2nd.