MARQUETTE — We’re not ‘kitten’ you when we say UPAWS is having another free adoption event with the help of Eagle Mine and Century 21 in Marquette.

This event will allow people the chance to adopt animals such as dogs and kittens for free as all fees will be paid by the sponsors; Eagle Mine and Century 21.

“We’ll bring as many animals as possible up to Century 21. Obviously they can’t all come…otherwise you’ll get a coupon and you can use that between noon and five tomorrow or on Friday and go to the shelter or in foster care they’re available too and then the adoption will be paid for,” said Ann, the Community Outreach Coordinator for UPAWS.

In order to adopt a new furry friend you must visit Century 21 in Marquette on Friday 27th and collect a coupon. The event will be held from noon until 5:00 P.M.