MUNISING — Believe it or not, the human brain processes over four hundred billion bits of information per second. So, even if you’re not in school taking classes, there’s always an opportunity to learn something new.

The Munising Ecumenical Team hosted a panel discussion, with NMU Professor Emeritus Mohey Mowafy and ABC 10’s Sam Ali, to help others learn about the religion of Islam—not by the Quran, but by experience and perspective. It was a chance to open the minds of others.

“For the most part, the general public is curious about the diversity of this world, in all different respects, you know, race, religion, our identities of who we are, who we love, everything, it’s just a wonderfully diverse world,” said Ann Gonyea, pastor of Eden Lutheran Church and member of the ecumenical team.

The open–mindedness and will to listen to another perspective is tough to come by these days, but today there was civil discourse, providing people of different religions with a chance to come together.

“We love everybody; there are no asterisks on that statement. We love neighbor, period. It’s not our job to judge people’s rightness with…however, whatever their faith is is completely between them and God. Our job is simply to love one another,” said Gonyea.

The panel was a follow up to a lengthy education series called Discover Islam, and attendees wanted to talk with people of the Islam religion.