CALUMET — The CLK School district board of education has announced its new superintendent. Calumet High School principal Christopher Davidson has been named to take over the office.
Davidson commends former superintendent Darrel Pierce for his excellent service over the past 13 years.

“It’s very exciting and quite an honor to take over the superintendent seat, Darrel Pierce did a great job. It’s a little intimidating coming in behind him but extremely exciting and happy to work with the community and all the other aspects of the school, students and parents,” said Davidson.

The announcement to appoint Davidson was made at the district board meeting this week. Currently the Principal of Calumet High School, Davidson will assume his new position at the start of the new year.

He will be replacing current superintendent Pierce as he enters his retirement. Davidson will become the 12th superintendent in the district’s 150 years of existence.

A new principal of Calumet High has not yet been named.