NEGAUNEE — Everyone knows that the history of the area is covered in iron ore and mining sweat. What some might not know is that the trails surrounding the area from Negaunee to Marquette is covered in history!

We took a short hike through the outskirts of Negaunee to see the spot of what will be the new Iron Ore Memorial set on the trail. The memorial will be on site of the death of ten miners over one hundred years ago.

In addition to commemoration, it will also be a resting spot for people on the trail. The site construction is to begin right away and will include artifacts and iron ore found at the site.

“This was a very active mine site. Even in my lifetime when I was quite young I remember the sound and the noise and the industrial work that was accomplished here. This is supported by mileages’, also municipalities, townships and the people who live there, and also as well as grant money from the state,” said Mike Lampinen, the artist who created the memorial.

Carol Fulsher of the Iron Ore Heritage Trail and Lampinen would like to thank members of the public and collaborators for their support.