HOUGHTON — Michigan Tech is helping students prepare for the work force by hosting its Fall Career Fair.¬†More than 900 Michigan Tech students lined up today to meet with employers from across the country and discuss employment.

MTU hosted its Fall Career Fair Wednesday, offering students the chance to pass out resumes and introduce themselves to 340 potential employers, who are looking to hire students majoring in a vast variety of fields.

“Today, we have 340 recruiting organization, over 1,100 recruiters and students are here in troves. Here at Michigan Tech, we are a STEM-focused university, so these companies are looking for students in science, technology, engineering and math,” said Assistant Director for Experimential Learning & Career Development Kirsti Arko.

Arko says that the event helps students to acquire full time opportunities, co-ops, and internships. Students and faculty have been preparing for this event for four weeks, as part of the schools Careerfest, a program covering resume building and interviewing techniques.

“Recruiters who come here today, it takes a lot of work to get up here to Houghton, Michigan, but they’re willing to do it to meet as many Michigan Tech students as possible,” said Arko.

MTU hosts two career fairs annually. Wednesday’s turnout makes this the third largest Campus Career Fair in the country.