Schultz lawsuit over disputed social media threat resolved

HOUGHTON– The legal claims have been settled for a student expelled from Michigan Tech University for a social media post.

Back in November of 2015, Matthew Schultz of Norway posted on the social media platform, YikYak stating “Gonna shoot all black people… A smile tomorrow.”

Matthew Schultz has asserted that his post was in no way intended as a threat of violence, and was protected speech under the First Amendment.

Michigan Tech understood the post differently, and believes its actions in response were justified in light of its knowledge at the time, its interests in keeping its campus safe, and its obligations under federal law.

Defendant in the case, Ryan Grainger altered Schultz original post, worsening the situation. Grainger has acknowledged his role in causing a disruption on Michigan Tech’s campus and regrets the harm caused to Schultz’s education and reputation.

Both parties now agree that Schultz did not intend any physical harm.
Although Schultz will not be returning to the Michigan Tech, the University has agreed to expunge the expulsion and related discipline from his record.