Teenage boy drowns after attempting to rescue distressed swimmer

BREITUNG TOWNSHIP — The body of a 17-year old boy who was trying to rescue another swimmer has been located.

On Wednesday around 1:30 P.M., the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched on a call of a swimmer in distress at the Menominee River Badwater Train Bridge located off of County Road 607.

According to witnesses, several teenagers were swimming in the area when one swimmer became distressed in the heavy current. Other teenagers entered the current in an attempt to help the distressed swimmer who was eventually able to make it to shore.

An additional swimmer who entered the water to assist, was swept away from the bridge in a current and carried towards the Wisconsin side shoreline. This swimmer was last seen near the shoreline by the private access road to the Twin Falls Power Dam. Several boats were deployed in a search effort along with the Delta County Dive Team who eventually located the victim who was identified as Bryan Christopher Stanchina, 17, of Norway.

Stanchina was found in 14 feet of water near the location he was last seen. He was removed from the water and pronounced deceased.