Woman sentenced on reduced meth charge

MARQUETTE — A Marquette woman arrested last year as part of a meth bust in Big Bay received was sentenced this morning.

Holly Bates, 32, received one year in jail with six months to be served upfront and 18 months probation on one count of possession of meth. The Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team (UPSET) arrested Bates in August at the Perkins Park Campground.

Detectives found a one-pot meth lab and components used to make meth inside a pop-up camper.

“I think Ms. Bates, I’m sure you think of this from time to time and maybe perhaps when you’re in jail, but if you don’t have some intervention, I’m frankly very concerned about the future for you,” said Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi. “I think that the kind of substances you’re using detailed in this report have certainly killed people. We’ve seen it in our own community.”

Bates pleaded guilty to an amended meth charge in March as a result of a plea agreement.