Former NMU Wildcat Hockey Coach dismissed of charges

MARQUETTE — Charges have been dismissed in Walt Kyle’s case involving residential mortgage fraud and forgery of a document affecting real property.

According to the Marquette County Prosecuting Attorney, Matt Wiese, “Additional evidence has been presented to my office after charges were authorized against Mr. Kyle. Prior to reviewing this additional evidence, it appeared that the money was unaccounted for and that Mr. Kyle may have disposed of it for his own personal use. After reviewing the additional evidence, it appears that most, if not all, of the money that was obtained by Mr. Kyle through this loan was used to pay off existing debt accumulated during the marriage to his former spouse.”

After Kyle’s former wife discovered he had signed her name on documents to secure a loan, she hired an attorney to have the bank remove her from the documents at issue. Kyle has agreed that he will reimburse his former spouse for the costs of that attorney.

“It appears the money was used to pay off debts incurred during the marriage, and because Mr. Kyle has agreed to reimburse his former spouse for the expenses associated with removing her name from the bank records, I do not believe it is in the interests of justice to continue to prosecute this case,” said Weise.