Oswald Bear Ranch receives new cubs, ready for season

NEWBERRY — The Oswald Bear Ranch in Newberry recently gained some new additions to the family.

41 black bears roam the hills of the Oswald Bear Ranch, 4 cubs were recently added to the bunch.

“I have four cub bears, they were born in the middle of January,” said Oswald Bear Ranch Owner, Dean Oswald.

These cubs were previously in Wisconsin and brought to the Ranch after their owner passed away. When deciding on names for these bears, the Oswald’s took to Facebook for help. “I think we’re still looking for one more name,” said Oswald.

Dean Oswald who is a Bay City native has always had a passion for the Upper Peninsula and since officially opening 20 years ago, has enjoyed educating people of all ages on black bears. “I enjoy talking to the people that is my job; I’m the Public Relations Director,” said Oswald.

Memorial weekend is when the ranch officially opens for the season and will remain open until October first, sometimes later depending on weather. But when it comes to the winter months, the bears have somewhere else to be. “Winter time they go to bed. They are all hibernating October, November, and a couple in December. They usually come out the first of week of April,” said Oswald.

The Oswald’s have seen their fair share of guests throughout the years from all across the globe. “We’re 9.5 miles North West of Newberry, a little town which is 75 miles north of the straits of Mackinac. Who would suspect people would come see a bear ranch here? We’ve seen people from Australia, Germany, New Zealand, France, all over the World,” said Oswald.

If you are interested in partaking in this exciting and educational experience, tickets are $20 a vehicle and can be purchased at the Ranch.

People of all ages are invited to stop by this upcoming season.