Great Lakes Funding completely slashed in President Trump’s proposed budget

WASHINGTON D.C. — President Trump unveiled his $1.5 trillion budget Thursday. It features an increase in funding for the department of defense by $54 billion.

Among the spending cuts is the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which would lose $300 million dollars in funding.

Since 2010, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative has received at least $300 million each year. That money goes towards restoring wildlife habitat, cleaning up algae blooms and contaminated areas and more.

In a conference call Thursday morning, U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow called the proposed cuts, “A wholesale attack on the Great Lakes.”

“Congress has to approve this budget. We will be doing everything we can to tell the story of the importance of protecting the Great Lakes,” said Stabenow. “We still have issues with the Asian Carp. I’m not at a point in my mind where we can stop them from coming into the Great Lakes. And we continue to have issues that relate to protecting water quality,” Stabenow added.

Last week, it was reported that funding for the GLRI was going to be cut by 97%, leaving the initiative $10 million in funding for 2018.