MARQUETTE — With temperatures predicted to climb above the freezing mark the next few days, the United States Coast Guard is urging citizens to exercise caution when about venturing onto ice on Lake Superior.

Especially at this time of the year, ice can be very unpredictable. Its thickness can vary on both large and small bodies of water.

The Coast Guard is asking anyone making their way on the ice to watch to stay away from cracks, seams, or darker areas. These types of signs often signify thinner ice.

When it comes to ice safety tips, remember the acronym ‘ICE.’

“One thing that we like to do here is we have an acronym called, ‘ICE,’ which stands for Information, Clothing or Equipment,” said Petty Officer Terry Bailey of USCG-Marquette. “Get information about the ice. See if people have been on it lately. See if they know what the temperature is outside, how thick the ice is; make sure you’re always dressed for the occasion. And equipment- use ice staffs, use anything, use general knowledge; you can use anything in that matter.”

If you do happen to fall through the ice, you have one minute to catch your breath and ten minutes of meaningful movement left to get yourself out of the water.