MCHD wraps up Children’s Dental Health Month

NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP — Throughout the entire month of February, the Marquette County Health Department, My Community Dental Centers and local dentists have teamed up to remind kids and parents everywhere about the importance of good dental hygiene.

Tuesday is the final day for Children’s Dental Health Month. This year’s theme is “Choose Water for a Sparkling Smile.”

The health department urges kids to choose water to quench their thirst instead of reaching for sugary drinks or sweetened juices. Dental health coordinator Rebecca Maino says children’s teeth are meant to last a lifetime.

“You wouldn’t drink 17 packets of sugar would you, but the different soda pops we are drinking have a lot of sugar in them,” said Maino.

“We see a lot of decay in people that are continually sipping sugary drinks throughout the day and night. It’s real important that parents are also taking good care of their teeth because it’s good to set a good example. Your children will learn that teeth are important and that you should be brushing every day and every night, flossing and visiting your dentist,” she added.

In order to further help keep your kids teeth in tip top shape, the health department recommends serving nutritious snacks and limiting sweets to mealtimes.