Veterans get experience to ride with sled dogs

MCMILLAN — Members of the Wounded Warrior Project had the chance to experience a thrilling winter activity while enjoying the company of some hardworking, furry friends.

Veterans from the organization visited Nature’s Kennel in McMillan to give sled dog racing a try. Each veteran had their choice of sitting in the sled or standing and guiding the dogs. The high-energy hounds took the veterans on a 10-mile ride which typically takes around an hour.

Having this unique opportunity is something that the Veterans can do in a judgment free zone while enjoying nature.

“No one’s judging anyone, so if there are some injuries or something other people may notice, the dogs don’t care what people look like and act like. It’s a great activity that is something extremely different for them and to give a real sense of accomplishment and purpose too because it’s not something that most of their friends and family have done either,” said Nature’s Kennel Owner, Tasha Stielstra.

Members of the organization expressed their excitement and enjoyment for being able to participate in this experience, the dogs on the other hand, were pretty tuckered out after hitting the trails.

“This is a perfect event to unwind, to be empowered basically, but to spend time in a community of fellow warriors and it was just so much fun,” said Wounded Warrior Project Alumni, Neal Brace.

Veterans from the Wounded Warrior Project are already planning on holding another sled dog experience next year.