NEGAUNEE — August’s primary election is fast approaching, and this time, many voters in Marquette County will get to decide on future funding for a local attraction.

The Iron Ore Heritage Recreation Authority has a millage renewal request on ballots in multiple jurisdictions. The proposal would renew a 0.2 mill tax levy that helps the authority build, manage, and maintain the 47-mile Iron Ore Heritage Trail. In addition to keeping what’s already there in check, organizers are continually looking for new ways to improve the trail.

“Right here in Negaunee, we want to upgrade the trail head here — help them add indoor facilities — same thing with Ishpeming’s Cliffs Shaft,” said Recreation Authority Administrator Carol Fulsher. “We want to upgrade some sections of trail that are already aggregate. Those are some of the things. A lot of it will be maintenance, and a lot of it will be interpretation.”

Voters from each of the affected communities will have to agree in order for the millage renewal to move forward.

“We have seven municipalities that were on the ballot,” Fulsher added. “If one turns it down, it doesn’t happen in any of the seven. So it’s all or none. I suggest for people who are between Tilden Township and Chocolay Township to look at their tax bills for the last six years. You’ll see an Iron Ore Heritage Trail tax. It’s very small for most homeowners — like between $5 and $20 — and decide whether it’s worth it for you.”

If passed, the renewal would last for another six years.